As a ClickPapa advertiser you can advertise on thousands of websites with a few clicks. We offer highly targeted ads in various formats.

  • Fast and reliable support
  • Multiple ad sizes + formats
  • Advanced targeting
  • CPC, CPM Network
  • ROI Tracking


We provide high quality ads in multiple formats on the very best websites to maximize your revenue and ROI. Our platform is secure and built for speed.

  • Weekly and/or Monthly Payouts
  • Accurate and reliable tracking
  • Premium advertisers
  • Maximized revenue, minimum eCPM
  • Responsive account managers


Use text-links and banners to promote ClickPapa and earn money by referring advertisers and publishers. You will earn a high commission for each referred account.

  • Refer advertisers and publishers
  • Get 5% commission from publisher payouts that you referred
  • Get 5% of all advertiser deposits for a year
  • High commission
  • Multiple affiliate tools

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Speed up!

Hi there, as you've maybe noticed we dramatically speed up our adnetwork stability, response times and performance. This is the result of our timeless efforts to making our software and network architecture reliable, more stable and rock solid. I hope we all will benefit from these improvements. -- Zsolt CTO

New ad formats available!

From now on IM Ads and Mobile Redirects are available for our users! If you have any questions feel free to contact our account managing team!

Everything is working fine now! Sorry for the issues!

As you may have noticed, we had dificuilties in the past days around our network's performance. From today 7pm GMT we had outage due to hardware and software issues till around 10pm GMT.

Our JavaScript codes and static contents were served normally, as they not caused any downtime in your pages, but no banners, popups, imads, and redirects were shown during this period.

This is unpleasant, we know it, as these are the busiest hours in many territories of US, Canada, South America, Australia, and Asia. Of course you will get compensation for this accident.

As you know, were are new, we're working on the latest technologies we can use, we improve our system and architecture as hard as we can, but things like this happens sometimes.

Thank you for your patience, we really appriciate that.

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